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Portable Submission Interface for Jobs A Python abstraction layer over cluster schedulers
Write Scheduler Agnostic HPC Applications Use a unified API to enable your HPC application to run virtually anywhere. PSI/J automatically translates abstract job specifications into concrete scripts and commands to send to the scheduler. PSI/J is tested on a wide variety of clusters.

PSI/J runs entirely in user space

There is no need to wait for infrequent deployment cycles. The HPC world tends to be rather dynamic and the ability to quickly integrate changes prompted by experimental changes in the cluster environment is essential.

Use built-in or community contributed plugins

Let's be realistic. It is virtually impossible for a single entity to provide stable and tested adapters to all clusters and schedulers. That is why PSI/J enables and encourages community contributions to scheduler adapters, testbeds, and specific cluster knowledge.

PSI/J has a rich HPC legacy

The design of PSI/J is based on a number of libraries used by state of the art HPC workflow applications that the PSI/J team has worked on. Its architectural foundations have been tested at extreme scales and in diverse environments.
©2021- - The ExaWorks Project PSI/J is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy PSI/J is part of the Exascale Computing Project